Current Talks


02 October 2018
The Charles Smith Lecture
‘Dr Elsie Inglis : The Woman Who Wouldn’t Sit Still’
Speaker: Lesley Orr

06 November
“No Persons here, only women”:
The women’s suffrage movement in Scotland
Speaker: Ruth Boreham

04 December
Annual General Meeting
The Morningside Riots
Speaker : Dr David Ritchie

08 January 2019
History of the Morningside Parish Church Organ followed by a short recital
Morley Whitehead

05 February
Appointment at Arezzo :
A Friendship with Muriel Spark
Speaker : Alan Taylor

05 March
Film Night: Duddingston : a Village in the City
The History of Edinburgh Trams

02 April
Erskine Beveridge : Travels with a Camera
Speaker : Lesley Ferguson

Current Visits

Check back in march for our 2019 visits!

What Annual Membership Includes

The annual membership subscription is currently £12 and is due on 1 October each year.
This section of the website provides information what entitlements are available to MHA members. These include:
• You can attend all 7 monthly MHA lectures and events which take over the period from October to April without charge. Generally the winter history lecture lasts approximately one hour. These lectures are currently held in Morningside Parish Church starting at 7.15. Refreshments and biscuits are available from 6.45.
• You are free to come along to 5 Summer Visits. There is a small nominal charge for attending each visit: this varies from location to location to cover guide and admission expenses.
• You are also entitles to bring along a friend as a guest to both the winter lecture evenings and the summer visits.
• The MHA currently have a number of research projects being carried out and you are welcome to join these.
• You are entitled to vote at the Annual AGM in December and to receive a copy of the Annual Report
• If you are interested in taking an active part in the management of the MHA you can join the MHA Management Committee.